About Us

Tim and Katherine met at Sheridan Glassblowing College in 1994!  They worked together on and off throughout their college years.  The two were both keen on learning how to blow glass technically well which takes a lot of time for muscle memory and technical knowledge to be able to manipulate the molten material to be brought to life.  They knew other students wouldn’t show up for their blow slots and so would often see each other there and work on their skills.  They had the same work ethic and ambition so it wasn’t a surprise when they decided to build a glass studio together when Tim got back from studying glass design in Finland and Katherine did a year residency at the Living Art Centre in Mississauga.  Upon Tim’s return they built Blown Away Glass Studio in 1999.  The studio is in it’s original location in Tim’s hometown Elora, Ontario.  The duo still create all their pieces together.  It’s just the 2 of them that teach every workshop, answer every email, phone call and social media post.  They have tried many different avenues of ways to make money to support their small business and now are moving into the progressive trend of an Online Shop.  We hope you enjoy your shopping experience!